Goytre Village Hall Car Boot Sale

THIS SALE HAS FINISHED -- See links for alternative Saturday 21st September, 2019 car boots.

As far as we know this car boot sale will not be held again.

We have been informed that this boot sale is not held anymore. If you are the organiser (or new organiser) and wish tell us otherwise, please get in touch and we will update this page promptly.



A little bit more about the Car Boot Sale :

The Goytre Village Hall Indoor / Outdoor Boot Sale has finished trading.

This Year's Dates :

30th April, 2016, 28th May, 2016, 9th July, 2016, 20th August, 2016, 10th September, 2016, 22nd October, 2016, 19th November, 2016, 18th December, 2016.

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Goytre Village Hall Car Boot Sale Contact Details

  • Contact Person: [not availabe]
  • Organisation: Goytre Village
  • Address: Goytre Village Hall, Fairfields Estate, Penpernelli, Pontypool, Monmouthshire.
  • Postcode: NP4 0AR
  • Phone: [not availabe]

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Goytre Village Hall Car Boot Sale

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